Cannabis Extraction Equipment: Modularity vs. Singularity

Is Bigger Always Better in a Cannabis Processing Set Up?

When considering the capabilities of ethanol processing of cannabis specifically, or even manufacturing machinery in a more general sense, there is a question that stands out as a topic of some debate; is bigger always better?
It’s widely accepted that when it comes to throughput, it’s most cost effective to have the least number of operators capable of the most amount of output. But hidden behind the veil of gargantuan machine columns are several problems that must be considered before one commits to using a large-scale solution.
For instance, it must be addressed that the procurement and installation of a machine whose footprint dwarfs some office spaces is cumbersome to say the least. The operation of a piece of equipment of that quality also requires very specialized hands that likely come at quite the high price.  Between the shipping, engineering, permitting, and service, there are many unforeseen setbacks that can halt the progress of even the best laid plans. An experienced manager of a manufacturing facility knows that two weeks’ worth of down time can spell disaster for a novel business, and the replacement of a downed component of such large machine is sure to take much longer.

Modular Extraction Equipment Allows for Adaptability in a Volatile Industry

Delta Separations, on the other hand, has chosen to instead provide a solution for cannabis processing in which many machines become one when combined in a series. The adaptable and flexible platform offered here accompanies a startup craft extraction operation from its first steps into the industry, all the way to a world class industrial manufacturer. This is because the modular nature of our suite allows for the throughput of a facility to be supplemented by simply adding machines to their lineup. In turn, the roots of the company are shown in that an extractor breaking into the industry can be uplifted by those who manufacture the tools they have come to trust. The underdog in the industry can lean on this multi-platform approach as it allows for each unit the capability of being serviced individually, preventing downtime in the event that one goes offline due to mechanical failure.

Capture Emerging Cannabis Market Trends to Increase Profitability

Keeping with the theme of being more profitable, multiple platforms that perform the same function separately also add flexibility in that a variety of products, cannabis extracts in this case, can be produced at the same time. This capability in a manufacturer can allow them to remain current in the everchanging industry that is cannabis and provides several avenues for pivoting in the event of sudden industry changes. Considering the primary application for our gear lies in the cannabis industry, I’m sure the clientele running these machines appreciate an option to be adaptable while working in such a volatile space. Novel compounds—and new solvents to extract them with—are discovered continually so having the potential to explore them easily with a fraction of a system’s carrying capacity is indispensable.
In summary, it pays to consider the feats a piece of technology is capable of before taking a side with any particular camp. Tomorrow holds infinite possibilities, and the luxury of adaptability is critical for sustained business growth.
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