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Extraction Centrifuge Utility Platform 30 - Ethanol Extraction for Cannabis

CUP Series

Device, System and Methods for Separation and Purification of Organic Compounds from Botanical Material – CUP (centrifuge) equipment and processes. Patent granted October 2020 and patent pending.

Patent #10814338
Patent #11014098

Systems Patented

Falling Film Evaporator 60 - Ethanol Recovery for Cannabis & Hemp

Falling Film Evaporator

System, Method and Apparatus for Cannabinoid Mixture Separation and Solvent Recovery – falling film evaporation equipment and techniques. 


Solventless Agitation - Vortex Trichome Seperator for Water Hash - Solventless Cannabis Trichome Extraction

Vortex Trichome Separator (VTS-50)

Apparatus and Method for Separating Plant Trichomes Using a Double Vortex Turbulence – apparatus with basin that forms two vortices of solvent during use.

Patent #10933347
Patent #10933348