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Keg Warnings

Safety Reminder for Handling of kegs for ethanol and ethanol tinctures

When using a keg to store ethanol or tincture you MUST never seal the container without providing pressure relief (see notice below).

Stored liquids will expand and contract with temperature and can create dangerous pressures or vacuums in sealed containers. Your SOP and handling procedures MUST follow proper safety procedures. Follow ALL manufactures recommendations. If you MUST seal the container use of the appropriate Pressure Relief Valve (PRV) will help assure safe operation. 


  • Not a pressure vessel.
  • Intended for storage of ethanol and ethanol tinctures only at a stable temperature.
  • Do not seal vessel without installing 2 psi or lower pressure relief valve (prv).
  • Applying heat to or changing temperature of sealed vessel may create pressure and cause an explosion, which may cause serious injury or death.
  • When storing in uncontrolled environment pressure can develop if sealed.
  • A maximum of 2 psi pressure relief valve (prv) must be installed if sealing keg.
  • Make sure all pressure is relieved from vessel prior to removing any clamps and/or caps.