Growing & Processing Solutions

Growing Solutions

Processing Solutions

We provide technology and services that help companies cultivate and extract value more productively from their yields, whatever their geography.

Growing Solutions

We design and equip commercial growing systems to help achieve the highest levels of yield and productivity through climate-controlled structures and customizable growing solutions. 

Nexus Greenhouse Systems

The leading cannabis cultivation facility design and manufacturer. From general contracting to structure design and engineering, and systems design and integration, we are a single-source solution for our clients. Our first-to-market approach will get you up and running so that you can optimize your ROI and maintain operational efficiency over time. With a shared workforce across Nexus and RBI, we provide our clients a wide breadth of growing solutions.

Rough Brothers, Inc.

The leading greenhouse design and manufacturing company in the country. Our expertise spans across markets: vegetables, fruit, flower, retail, academic and research, conservatories and public gardens, and so much more. With a shared workforce across RBI and Nexus, we provide our clients a wide breadth of growing solutions.


Thermo Energy supplies and installs greenhouse heating and cooling systems, irrigation systems, CO2 systems, hot water storage tanks, boiler install and service, greenhouse carts, custom stainless-steel kitchens in bunkhouses and fabrication of greenhouse structures.

Processing Solutions

We offer a range of efficient, high-quality extraction methods, including butane, CO2, ethanol, and propane for a variety of applications including cannabis, botanical oils, and nutraceuticals.

Apeks Supercritical

Apeks Supercritical is an industry leader in designing, refining, and manufacturing botanical oil extraction systems utilizing subcritical and supercritical CO2 — a cleaner, safer, purer, and faster way to extract plant oils. Constructed by a team of experienced engineers and fabricators, systems range from Introductory to High Production systems.

Delta Separations

Delta Separations is dedicated to developing and improving equipment for safe extraction of high-quality oil from plant based biomass. It is a daily goal of Delta Separations to support our clients with excellent customer service and industry education.