Filtration Skid

Ethanol Extraction Filtration Skid for Particulate Filtration and Color Remediation

Optimize your ethanol extraction process using our four-stage filter skid train to achieve your ideal clarity and color. The filtration skid includes pre-filtration, particulate and haze removal, wax removal, decolorization, and final-stage fine particulate removal.
Color Remediation
Onboard Pump for Tincture Transfer
Particulate Filtration

How does the filtration skid work?

The four-stage filtration skid is used in the post-processing stage of the ethanol extraction process to clean up any unwanted plant particles, pigments (carotenoids, chlorophyll, etc.), and lipids from your tincture. Within the impregnated lenticular filters, you can use any filtration media you require, such as activated carbon, magnesium silicate, diatomaceous earth, or zeolite for color remediation.

Technical Specs

Standard Features

  • T-316L stainless steel housings and piping
  • Air-driven pump to control flow from 0-15 GPM
  • 0-60 PSI stainless steel pressure gauges
  • V-band clamp closures
  • Sight glass for color/clarity monitoring
  • Inlet and outlet drains
  • Non-adjustable legs with foot pads
  • Vents


  • Pre-filtration
  • Dewaxing
  • Clarification
  • Decolorization
  • Final fine particulate removal

Optional Features

  • Stainless steel jacket for liquid heating or cooling
  • ASME code
  • Explosion proof electric motor (C1D1) if required


  • Efficient processing all in one assembly
  • All filters plumbed together neatly
  • No hoses to trip over
  • Easy to clean
  • One-stop shopping

Recommended Ancillaries

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