Does Extraction Temp Matter?

Cold vs. Room Temp.
Which Method Is Better?

It is well known that ethanol is a very versatile solvent with the ability to bring over both nonpolar and polar compounds within the extraction process. Many though still debate on which temperature is ideal when using ethanol for the removal of botanical compounds.

This leads to the ultimate question for extraction processors; is cold temperature extraction better than room temp extraction? In essence will one methodology result in more or higher quality yields?

If only it was an easy answer, as both methods have their pluses and minuses. Instead of choosing a definitive side, we’ve decided to present the pros and cons of each and let you decide based upon your SOP’s, lab infrastructure, processing needs and end goals.

Some things to consider when reading this are: Who’s your customer and target audience? What’s your budget? How often are you processing? What is the skill level of your processors? What are your plans for scaling your operation?​

Now let’s dive into the two temperature extraction methods and present the evidence for both.

Cold Temp Extraction


  • Minimal Post Processing (potentially only micron filtration needed)
  • Light winterization and carbon scrub for color removal
  • Elimination of gums and sugars
  • Optimal for terpene extraction
  • More linear process


  • Energy intensive
  • Lower yields
  • Requires stringent material preparation (mill type, size, material temperature)
  • Necessary to control run parameters to reduce post processing
  • Some post processing steps may still be required
Cold Temperature Process Flow

Room Temp Extraction


  • Lower upfront infrastructure cost
  • Increase in overall yields
  • Higher percentage of botanical compounds retained
  • Almost doubling your throughput


  • More intensive post processing (can be intimidating to new processors)
  • Longer end to end distillation process
  • Color remediation required
  • Winterization required
  • De-gumming required
Room Temperature Process Flow

Thank you for reading this article on extraction temperatures. To learn more, reach out to our Product Specialists.