Did You Know: The CUP Series Extraction System Extracts & Separates in 20 Minutes

The CUP Series Extraction System Extracts & Separates in 20 Minutes

Did You Know? The CUP Series Ethanol Extraction System Both Extracts & Separates Solvent from Biomass in 20 Minutes

The Centrifuge Utility Platform Series comprises our flagship products the CUP-15 and the CUP-30. Boasting up to a 97% removal of ethanol from biomass, the CUP system maximizes your extraction yield and streamlines production time.

How does it work?

Cannabis ethanol extraction in its most basic form includes two separate processes that need to occur:

  1. The solvent (ethanol) and the biomass (cannabis) are subjected to each other in an agitation process that speeds up the solvent’s dissolution and extraction of the desirable compounds (cannabinoids THC and CBD).
  2. After the cannabinoids have been dissolved from your biomass by the solvent, it’s then time to separate the cannabinoid-rich solution out from the biomass. This is achieved through the use of a centrifuge.

The great efficiency of the CUP Series system is that it achieves both of these actions in the same machine!

It does this by first initiating an agitation cycle that spins the ethanol-submerged basket and biomass-filled bag bi-directionally at low speeds. This process saturates the ethanol with cannabinoids. 

And secondly, by draining the system of the cannabinoid-saturated solution through the use of centrifugal force; it spins the internal basket and biomass bag in one direction at high speed to separate out as much solvent from the biomass as possible.

Once this is completed and the cup has finished spinning, your bag may be removed, and the process can be repeated. 

Basic CUP Series SOP (Standard Operating Procedure):

  1. Pack your CUP biomass bag 
  2. Place bag in freezer for 6 hours minimum 
  3. Chill ethanol (via DC-40 Inline Direct Chiller).   
  4. Place biomass bag in CUP system 
  5. Transfer ethanol into CUP system 
  6. Agitate ethanol and biomass together
  7. After agitation, drain the system 
  8. Once drained, initiate the centrifuge cycle 
  9. When spinning is complete, remove the biomass bag 
  10. Chill ethanol again (if necessary) 
  11. Repeat extraction process until ethanol is fully saturated